Empowering schools to integrate digital technologies in teaching and learning, through bespoke professional learning development.



Passion, empathy and positive change.

I am passionate about education and helping empower our local rangathai to become active citizens. To support schools and teachers to develop learners to be creators of technology, understand it's impact and to use it to address real world problems. 

Since 2016 I have worked as an educator at The Mind Lab now Tōnui Collab, planning and delivering bespoke workshops to school aged children and  teachers across Tairawhiti.  With a focus on finding new ways of learning and collaborating whilst using digital tools and applications to extend students’ and teachers knowledge.

As an accredited facilitator, able to deliver PLD through the Ministry of Education, I am now bringing my expertise and insights into schools. Working with teachers to develop bespoke programmes to support the growth of digitally fluent citizens and the implementation of the new digital curriculum.



Professional Learning Development for Schools



If you require support in the following areas please contact me:​

  • Online program set-up e.g. Google Classroom, Hapara, Seesaw, Zoom

  • Strategic planning and integration of digital technologies

  • Assessing and growing digital fluency for students and teachers

  • Writing lesson plans for online delivery

  • Online content creation eg. video tutorials and interactive graphics

  • Best practice guidelines for online teaching

I am a registered PLD facilitator with the Ministry of Education. I also work as part of a larger local team based here in Tairawhiti, called Learning Leaders who provides specialist professional development support to educators who are striving to accelerate student achievement.

Access a range of free online teaching resources. These resources have been developed alongside teachers and students as we rapidly move to online learning.  



Access free locally focused professional learning development to increase digital fluency within your school. 

Contact me to find out more and complete an application.



Thank you both for enabling us to gain the knowledge and skills required to connect with our learners and their whanau.  You give so freely of yourselves, your time, knowledge, patience and kindness.  You make us believe in ourselves and our abilities to be thrown in the deep end and survive.

I have been on a steep learning curve in a very short space of time.  From being nervous to participate and speak in my first Zoom hui with my colleagues to nervously hosting my first Zoom hui with my Yr2-4 students.  My digital skills have grown at an accelerated rate and so has my confidence to push buttons (tutu) and have a go.  I am finally actively engaging with the digital curriculum.  Zoom, mute, unmute, share screen... now essential vocabulary and understandings to engage in learning.

Fear and hesitancy has turned into digital possibilities, opportunities, excitement.  Seesaw scoping is becoming slightly addictive, activity on our group chat is warmly received and responses/feedback are in real time.

Denise Dalton-Reedy

Teacher, Hiruharama School

"Emily confidently nurtures relationships with the children that visit the lab, modelling and encouraging the necessary elements of collaboration - a willingness to share ideas, celebrate each others’ successes, and bravely discuss challenges. Emily designs workshops that engage children with diverse capabilities and strives to connect workshop themes with topics being explored in the classroom."

Shanon O'Connor

Founder & Director, Tonui Collab




Gisborne, New Zealand

0220 378486


0220 378486

Gisborne, New Zealand

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